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Technical Report 2018




A. Villiger, R. Dach
Astronomical Institute, University of Bern
Published in July 2019


Applications of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) to Earth Sciences are numerous. The International GNSS Service (IGS), a voluntary federation of government agencies, universities and research institutions, combines GNSS resources and expertise to provide the highest–quality GNSS data, products, and services in order to support high–precision applications for GNSS–related research and engineering activities.

This IGS Technical Report 2018 includes contributions from the IGS Governing Board, the Central Bureau, Analysis Centers, Data Centers, station and network operators, working groups, pilot projects, and others highlighting status and important activities, changes and results that took place and were achieved during 2018.

This report is available in full-resolution electronic version at 

It is also available in a reduced file size at the bottom of this page.

The IGS wants to thank all contributing institutions operating network stations, Data Centers, or Analysis Centers for supporting the IGS. All contributions are welcome. They guarantee the success of the IGS also in the future.

IGS Technical Report 2018
ISSN: 2297-8526
ISBN: 978-3-906813-92-9 ; University of Bern, Bern Open Publishing.
DOI: 10.7892/boris.130408

Cite as:
Villiger, A., Dach, R. (eds.) (2019). International GNSS Service Technical Report 2018
(IGS Annual Report). IGS Central Bureau and University of Bern; Bern Open Publishing
DOI 10.7892/boris.130408


IGS Central Bureau and Astronomical Institute, University of Bern