Technical Report 1998 - GlONASS


Published: May, 2000

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Table of Contents, Preface, Executive Summary, IGEX-98 Workshop Program Agenda, List of Participants
Session 1: 
Introduction, Overview, and GLONASS Operations
The GLONASS IGEX-98 Campaign: From Its Genesis to Its Realization
P. Willis, J. A. Slater, W. Gurtner, C. Noll, G. Beutler, R. Weber, R. Neilan and G. Hein
The GLONASS System - Status and Prospects
M. G. Lebedev
GLONASS Constellation Maintenance, 1998-1999
G. Cook and E. Accad
GLONASS and the International Terrestrial Reference System
Z. Altamimi and C. Boucher
Session 2:
Receiver Technology
An Operational Evaluation of the JPS Legacy Receiver
P. M. Finer, W. E. Carter and R. L. Shresth
ESA/ISN Dual-Frequency GPS/GLONASS Receiver
G. Brodin, D. Lowe, P. Daly, J. Cooper, P. Silvestrin and J. Dow
An Analysis of Dual-Frequency Receivers Used in the IGEX-98 Campaign
B. Wiley
Session 3:
Network Operations
The IGEX Network and Data Processing Organization
W. Gurtner
IGEX-98 Data Flow
C. E. Noll
BKG's Operation of GPS/GLONASS Receivers and Its Regional IGEX Data Center
H. Habrich
Integrity Monitoring Software for GPS/GLONASS Reference Stations
K. de Jong and N. Jonkman
Session 4:
Time and Time Transfer
Recent Progress in Time Metrology and a Role for GLONASS
W. Lewandowski
Some Tests of GPS C/A-Code and GLONASS P-Code Time Transfers
J. Nawrocki, J. Azoubib and W. Lewandowski
Computation of GLONASS Precise Ephemerides for International Time Transfer 
A. Drozyner
Session 5:
Orbit Determination
Results of CODE as an Analysis Center of the IGEX-98 Campaign 
D. Ineichen, M. Rothacher, T. Springer and G. Beutler
IGEX Analysis at BKG 
H. Habrich
GLONASS Data Analysis at ESA/ESOC
C. Garcia, T. Martin-Mur, J. Dow and I. Romero 
Determination of GLONASS Satellite Orbits at JPL - Approach and Results  
D. Kuang, Y. Bar-Sever, W. Bertiger, K. Hurst and J. Zumberge
GLONASS Orbit Determination at the Center for Space Research
R. J. Eanes, R. S. Nerem, P. A. M. Abusali, W. Bamford, K. Key, J. C. Ries and B. E. Schutz
GLONASS Precise Orbits as a Result of IGEX-98 Laser Tracking Campaign 
V. Glotov, M. Zinkovski and V. Mitrikas
SLR GLONASS Orbit Determination 
R. Govind, J. Dawson and G. Luton
Combined GLONASS Orbits 
R. Weber and E. Fragner 
Comparison of Precise SLR Orbits of the GLONASS Satellites with Microwave Orbits  
G. Appleby, T. Otsubo and A. Sinclair
Session 6:
IGEX - A Regional Analysis of Data from the Southern Hemisphere 
M. P. Stewart, M. Tsakiri, J. Wang and J. F. Galera Monico 
PZ0-90 GLONASS to ITRF Transformation as a Result of IGEX-98 Laser Tracking Campaign
V. V. Mitrikas, S. G. Revnivych, V. D. Glotov and M. V. Zinkovski
PZ-90/WGS 84 Transformation Parameters Directly from GLONASS Range Measurements 
U. Rossbach
Analytical SRP Model for GLONASS: Initial Results
M. Ziebart
Session 7:
Future Plans
The Future of IGEX-98
G. Beutler, W. Gurtner, G. Hein, R. Neilan, C. Noll, J. Slater, R. Weber and P. Willis
Session 8:
Poster Papers
Static Positioning with GPS/GLONASS 
N. Arai 
GLONASS Orbit Validation by Short-Arc Technique 
F. Barlier, C. Berger, P. Bonneford, P. Exertier, O. Laurain, J. F. Mangin and J. M. Torre
IGEX Activities in Sweden
J. Börjesson, J. Johansson, A. Frisk, G. Hedling and B. Jonsson
Geodetic GPS/GLONASS Antenna Measurements 
B. Schupler and T. Clark 
Repeatability of Continental Baselines Within the IGEX Network
E. Fragner and R. Weber 
GLONASS-GPS Monitoring in MCC: Experience and Future 
A. Moodruck and V. Glotov
ILRS System Performance in Support of IGEX
V. Husson and T. Springer
The IGEX Data Center at the CDDIS
C. E. Noll and M.P. Dube 
Altimetric Ionospheric Correction Using DORIS and GLONASS Data 
N. Picot, P. Escudier and S. Labroue
Benefits from a Combined GPS/GLONASS Analysis for Earth Rotation Studies
M. Rothacher and R. Weber 
LRBA as an Observation Center: Difficulties and Positive Aspects
C. Vigneau 
Appendix / Acronyms and Abbreviations (917K)
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