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Technical Report 1998 - GlONASS


[Published: May 2000]

International GLONASS Experiment - IGEX-98 Proceedings

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Session 1: Introduction, Overview, and GLONASS Operations

  • The GLONASS IGEX-98 Campaign: From Its Genesis to Its Realization
    P. Willis, J. A. Slater, W. Gurtner, C. Noll, G. Beutler, R. Weber, R. Neilan and G. Hein
  • The GLONASS System - Status and Prospects
    M. G. Lebedev
  • GLONASS Constellation Maintenance, 1998-1999
    G. Cook and E. Accad
  • GLONASS and the International Terrestrial Reference System
    Z. Altamimi and C. Boucher

Session 2: Receiver Technology

  • An Operational Evaluation of the JPS Legacy Receiver
    P. M. Finer, W. E. Carter and R. L. Shresth
  • ESA/ISN Dual-Frequency GPS/GLONASS Receiver
    G. Brodin, D. Lowe, P. Daly, J. Cooper, P. Silvestrin and J. Dow
  • An Analysis of Dual-Frequency Receivers Used in the IGEX-98 Campaign
    B. Wiley

Session 3: Network Operations

  • The IGEX Network and Data Processing Organization
    W. GurtnerIGEX-98 Data Flow
    C. E. Noll
  • BKG's Operation of GPS/GLONASS Receivers and Its Regional IGEX Data Center
    H. Habrich
  • Integrity Monitoring Software for GPS/GLONASS Reference Stations
    K. de Jong and N. Jonkman

Session 4: Time and Time Transfer

  • Recent Progress in Time Metrology and a Role for GLONASS
    W. Lewandowski
  • Some Tests of GPS C/A-Code and GLONASS P-Code Time Transfers
    J. Nawrocki, J. Azoubib and W. Lewandowski
  • Computation of GLONASS Precise Ephemerides for International Time Transfer 
    A. Drozyner

Session 5: Orbit Determination

  • Results of CODE as an Analysis Center of the IGEX-98 Campaign 
    D. Ineichen, M. Rothacher, T. Springer and G. Beutler
  • IGEX Analysis at BKG 
    H. Habrich
  • GLONASS Data Analysis at ESA/ESOC
    C. Garcia, T. Martin-Mur, J. Dow and I. Romero 
  • Determination of GLONASS Satellite Orbits at JPL - Approach and Results  
    D. Kuang, Y. Bar-Sever, W. Bertiger, K. Hurst and J. Zumberge
  • GLONASS Orbit Determination at the Center for Space Research
    R. J. Eanes, R. S. Nerem, P. A. M. Abusali, W. Bamford, K. Key, J. C. Ries and B. E. Schutz
  • GLONASS Precise Orbits as a Result of IGEX-98 Laser Tracking Campaign 
    V. Glotov, M. Zinkovski and V. Mitrikas
  • SLR GLONASS Orbit Determination 
    R. Govind, J. Dawson and G. Luton
  • Combined GLONASS Orbits 
    R. Weber and E. Fragner 
  • Comparison of Precise SLR Orbits of the GLONASS Satellites with Microwave Orbits  
    G. Appleby, T. Otsubo and A. Sinclair

Session 6: Applications

  • IGEX - A Regional Analysis of Data from the Southern Hemisphere 
    M. P. Stewart, M. Tsakiri, J. Wang and J. F. Galera Monico 
  • PZ0-90 GLONASS to ITRF Transformation as a Result of IGEX-98 Laser Tracking Campaign
    V. V. Mitrikas, S. G. Revnivych, V. D. Glotov and M. V. Zinkovski
  • PZ-90/WGS 84 Transformation Parameters Directly from GLONASS Range Measurements 
    U. Rossbach
  • Analytical SRP Model for GLONASS: Initial Results
    M. Ziebart

Session 7: Future Plans

  • The Future of IGEX-98
    G. Beutler, W. Gurtner, G. Hein, R. Neilan, C. Noll, J. Slater, R. Weber and P. Willis

Session 8: Poster Papers

  • Static Positioning with GPS/GLONASS 
    N. Arai 
  • GLONASS Orbit Validation by Short-Arc Technique 
    F. Barlier, C. Berger, P. Bonneford, P. Exertier, O. Laurain, J. F. Mangin and J. M. Torre
  • IGEX Activities in Sweden
    J. Börjesson, J. Johansson, A. Frisk, G. Hedling and B. Jonsson
  • Geodetic GPS/GLONASS Antenna Measurements 
    B. Schupler and T. Clark 
  • Repeatability of Continental Baselines Within the IGEX Network
    E. Fragner and R. Weber 
  • GLONASS-GPS Monitoring in MCC: Experience and Future 
    A. Moodruck and V. Glotov
  • ILRS System Performance in Support of IGEX
    V. Husson and T. Springer
  • The IGEX Data Center at the CDDIS
    C. E. Noll and M.P. Dube 
  • Altimetric Ionospheric Correction Using DORIS and GLONASS Data 
    N. Picot, P. Escudier and S. Labroue
  • Benefits from a Combined GPS/GLONASS Analysis for Earth Rotation Studies
    M. Rothacher and R. Weber 
  • LRBA as an Observation Center: Difficulties and Positive Aspects
    C. Vigneau 

Appendix / Acronyms and Abbreviations