IGS Network Page Overview and General Information


IGS Tracking Network

The IGS Network can be accessed through the IGS Network page located http://igs.org/network/


Google Maps Permissions

Images of the IGS network map contained on the IGS.org website may be used for published works if properly attributed. These guidelines are offered by google:


IGS should be cited as the source of the station information, for example:

IGS Station Information [Geospatial Meta Data]. IGS Institute, Inc., 03 March 2016, www.igs.org


Network Filter shortcuts

The functionality of displaying a specific network came be displayed by using the URL.  Using the base URL then appending "?network=<nameOfNetwork>" will allow that specific network to be displayed on the page.

How to:

  • go to http://igs.org/network/
  • click options
  • under the network filter copy the name of the network
  • replace the spaces in the name with dashes (replace the spaces " " with "-") ex. from "Former MGEX" to "Former-MGEX"
  • modify the url
  • from http://www.igs.org/network to http://www.igs.org/network?network=<nameOfNetwork> ex. http://www.igs.org/network?network=Former-MGEX
  • press enter
  • result: the page will load that specified network on the page.


Status Indicators

marker_green_mini.png Available - Data received in the last 10 days

marker_red_mini.png Unavailable - Data not received in the last 10 days

marker_grey_mini.png Dormant - Data not received over 90 days

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