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IGS Network Page Overview and General Information


IGS Tracking Network

The IGS Network can be accessed through the IGS Network page located


Google Maps Permissions

Images of the IGS network map contained on the website may be used for published works if properly attributed. These guidelines are offered by google:

IGS should be cited as the source of the station information, for example:

IGS Station Information [Geospatial Meta Data]. IGS Institute, Inc., 03 March 2016,


Network Filter shortcuts

The functionality of displaying a specific network came be displayed by using the URL.  Using the base URL then appending "?network=<nameOfNetwork>" will allow that specific network to be displayed on the page.

How to:

  • go to
  • click options
  • under the network filter copy the name of the network
  • replace the spaces in the name with dashes (replace the spaces " " with "-") ex. from "Former MGEX" to "Former-MGEX"
  • modify the url
  • from to<nameOfNetwork> ex.
  • press enter
  • result: the page will load that specified network on the page.


Status Indicators

marker_green_mini.png Available - Data received in the last 10 days

marker_red_mini.png Unavailable - Data not received in the last 10 days

marker_grey_mini.png Dormant - Data not received over 90 days