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RINEX 3.03 Release Notes


Major RINEX 3.03 Changes

  1. Added the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS)
  2. Updated the IONOSPHERIC CORR record format and specification
  3. Updated the LEAP SECONDS record format and specification
  4. Updated the TIME SYSTEM CORR record format and specification
  5. Changed the BeiDou B1 observation codes back to the RINEX 3.01 convention
  6. Clarified the GPS Navigation message fit interval (time period in hours)
  7. Clarified the QZSS Navigation message fit interval (a flag (0/1))
  8. Updated the document to more clearly indicate that only known tracking modes are supported in SYS/#/OBS TYPES records
  9. Added text to describe Galileo Navigation message: Issue of Data, I/NAV and F/NAV issues to Section 8.3.2 and A8 BROADCAST ORBIT-5
  10. Added several sample data formats to the Appendix
  11. Allow unknown GLONASS COD/PHS/BIS message definition
  12. Clarified that the GLONASS SLOT / FRQ# message is mandatory

Other Changes: 

  1. Numerous description improvements, clarifications and typo corrections. See Revision History for details.



- Many thanks to all RINEX Working Group members for comments and corrections

- Dr. Oliver Montenbruck provided draft IRNSS, RINEX 3 notes

- Dr. Lui Hui updated the BeiDou section on behalf of the BeiDou Office


Ken MacLeod

RINEX Working Group Chairman,

Canadian Geodetic Survey,

Natural Resources Canada,

Rm 349, 588 Booth Street, Ottawa,

Ontario, Canada, K1A0Y7



The full RINEX Version 3.03 paper is available for download here: