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2014 Workshop Compendium


From the beginning, IGS data and products have been and continue to be openly available and free of charge; with IGS standards playing a critical role in advancing the scientific community as well as GNSS equipment manufacturing and design. Today, the IGS product suite has expanded to a Real-Time Service issuing orbit and clock real-time streams, as well as experimental products from the new satellite constellations via the Multi-GNSS Experiment (MGEX).

This workshop was a forum to look back to the impressive achievements of the IGS in the last twenty years, to determine the status of the IGS today, and to discuss the steps for the next twenty years in fruitful technical, organizational and strategic discussions. This story of success should not conceal the challenges that pave the future path of the IGS. The transition of the IGS into a truly multi-GNSS service requires a

huge joint effort involving all components of the IGS. Ensuring a stable network and expanding into new regions – Africa, China, Siberia – is indispensable for the central role that IGS plays in the realization of and access to a long-term stable International Terrestrial Reference Frame. Real-time products must continue to monitor changes in the Earth system as they happen and provide independent system monitoring capabilities. Further expansion and refinement of IGS products will be realized in a collaborative effort of the IAG Services, facilitated by the Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS).

Today, more than 240 organizations and institutions contribute to the IGS, and a vast geodetic community uses the IGS products for an ever-expanding array of applications. Progressing forward with this future path requires ongoing incorporation of enthusiastic new minds from all parts of the world joining resources within the IGS, as well as sustainable funding sources to ensure that the IGS continues to push the cutting edge of GNSS technology.

The 20th anniversary IGS Workshop has demonstrated that with constructive collaboration, the IGS has accomplished what no single entity could do alone. As we move into the third decade of this service, we reflect upon the dedication of those who built the foundations of the IGS, and look forward to the achievements yet to come.

Urs Hugentobler Chair,

IGS Governing Board Chair - 2011-2014

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