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Checklist for Requesting Additions to


Reference herein to any specific commercial product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not constitute or imply its endorsement by the United States Government or the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology.

6 August 2007

  • I am a representative of the manufacturer of the equipment, familiar with the products, and authorized to interface with the IGS regarding standardized equipment naming.
  • The additions I am requesting are geodetic equipment relevant to the IGS.
  • I have reviewed and verified that the equipment I am requesting to be added is not already in
  • I understand that changes are not ordinarily permitted after a code has been added to I have checked carefully for typographical errors, etc. I am not requesting addition of preliminary names that might change.
  • I have verified that the additions I am requesting have a one-to-one correspondence with unique hardware models.
  • The codes I am providing meet the format specifications found in the header of
  • The codes and descriptions I am providing will allow an equipment owner to easily identify the correct code based on markings on the equipment.
  • The codes I am providing are what my company's translation software will place in the RINEX header under ordinary usage.
  • The antenna codes and radome codes I am providing are identical to those used in NGS's Antenna Calibration tables (
  • The antenna codes and radome codes I am providing are identical to those used in Geo++'s GNPCVDB database (
  • If the antenna codes and radome codes I am providing are not yet in NGS's or Geo++'s calibration tables, I can ensure that the proposed codes meet NGS's and Geo++'s format requirements and that the same codes will be provided to the calibration laboratories.
  • I am providing complete proposed entries, comprised of codes and descriptions in the format of
  • Antenna model names shall start with A-Z or 0-9, unless if otherwise allowed by the Central Bureau. Please contact us for more info.