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IGS Network Workshop 2000 Summary Recommendations


[IGSMAIL-3106]: Oslo Network Workshop recommendations

IGS Electronic Mail      17 Nov 17:06:46 PST 2000      Message Number 3106

Author: Angelyn Moore

Dear Colleagues,

Below are the recommendations which arose from the Oslo Network workshop.  
Thanks are deserved by the committee all Workshop participants!

           Recommendations from Oslo Network Workshop 2000
                       Friday, July 14, 2000
Summary session attendees:
C. Bruyninx
M. Caissy
M. Chin
B. Engen
W. Gurtner
P. Heroux
T. Herring
A. Moore
R. Neilan
C. Noll
H-P Plag
T. Springer
D. Stowers
B. Twilley
H. Van der Marel
M. Van Domselaar
J. Zumberge

New Committee
1. It is recommended that a committee be formed to establish a data 
format suitable for efficient exchange of real-time data.  This 
committee is to be co-chaired by Werner Gurtner and Angelyn Moore.
Plan: Committee members are:
Mark Caissy,
Miranda Chin
Kees DeJong,
Lou Estey,
Roman Galas,
Werner Gurtner.
Rune Hanssen, and
Tor Melgaard,
Angelyn Moore,
Ron Muellerschoen,
George Preiss,
The CB will invite representatives from equipment manufacturers to 
participate where appropriate.  An initial task is to evaluate 
whether the RTCM format meets IGS requirements (or could with 

Data Center Issues
2a. Ensure that data center information available through IGS Central 
Bureau ( is complete and 
current for all IGS participants.  Add backup data flow paths to this 
data center information.

2b. Complete a backup data flow plan for daily and hourly IGS data 
and IGS products.  Ensure all data center (and analysis center) 
contacts have reviewed the plan and will implement its procedures. 
Schedule tests of the backup data flow paths on a regular basis to 
ensure their operational readiness.

2c. Data centers should create and monitor ftp put areas (anonymous 
or username/password) to facilitate flow of data and products in a 
backup situation.

3a. Global Data Centers (GDCs) should develop mutually agreeable 
guidelines for failovers during downtime of any GDC.
3b. GDCs should examine the feasibility of providing equivalent paths 
to IGS data for user ease.
3c. GDCs should evaluate whether a trial of LDM for data equalization 
among GDCs is appropriate.
    Plan: UNAVCO, CDDIS and SOPAC intend to conduct a preliminary test.

4a. Operational Data Centers (ODCs) should be reminded to provide 
SNRs in RINEX data, and to provide all hourly data, even if late (but 
within 3 days).
4b. All components should be reminded of data republishing guidelines.
4c. RINEX data in a file must conform to a period in which the header 
metadata in the file is valid.

Physical Site Specs
5. Operators of suspected unstable sites should make precise 3-d 
measurements to local reference sites and make the data available to 
the IGS. Guidelines on the form of this information should be 

6.  A review of the current official IGS phase center variation table 
and a procedure for incorporating new antennas or measurements is 
    Plan: Gerry Mader should be invited to lead this effort and Markus 
Rothacher should affirm whether he is able to participate. Bruce 
Schupler's participation will also be invited.

Note: Operators can cope with equipment changes during a day or hour 
by using mid-file headers, or partial daily files.

CB & ACC/ACs/AACs Actions
7. Continue improvement of quality information and feedback available 
to site operators and end users.  Mechanisms for propagating notices 
of known future incidents (e.g. equipment changes) directly into 
analysis software should be investigated, as well as mechanisms for 
automatically identifying troublesome data from the past.
    Plan: ITRF processing and point-positioning residuals should be 
examined as possible sources of quality assessment metrics which 
could provide useful feedback and/or early warning of problematic 
data. The SINEX template is a possible vehicle for noting 
questionable data periods since it is already an official conduit for 

CB Actions
8. The CB should provide an interface to specifications and 
information regarding suitable geodetic monuments.
    Plan: An initial phase is to provide links to or as-is copies of 
existing guides put together by agencies such as NRCan and NGS. 
Monument information from the position paper by L. Combrinck and M. 
Chin should be incorporated into the physical site specification 
document under preparation.

9. Any barriers to full commitment of Global Data Centers to IGS 
projects should be ascertained.

10. Alternate availability points for IGS site logs is discouraged 
unless the CB can verify sufficient guarantee of timeliness and 

11. Establish and maintain email distribution lists for key data 
center contacts at the IGS Central Bureau.  The use of distribution 
lists could be extended for all components of the IGS.

General Actions
12.  The IGS should continue to encourage initiation of more hourly 
stations outside North America and Europe, and more stations with 
precise meteorological instrumentation.