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Technical Report 1998



The IGS 1998 technical report may be downloaded in its entirety via FTP here: 

1998 Technical Reports in *.zip format


Front Matter

Executive Reports

Central Bureau Report 1998 - Opportunities within Change R. Neilan
 The Development of the IGS in 1998 -The Governing Board's Perspective  G. Beutler


Analysis Center Reports

Analysis Center Coordinator  
Analysis Coordinator Report J. Kouba and Y. Mireault

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Analysis Centers  
Annual Report 1998 of the Code Analysis Center of the IGS M. Rothacher, T.A. Springer, et al.
The ESA/ESOC IGS Analysis Centre J. M. Dow, J. Feltens, et al
GFZ Analysis Center of the IGS - Annual Report 1998 G. Gendt, Galina Dick, et al.
JPL IGS Analysis Center Report, 1998 D. C. Jefferson, Y. E. Bar-Sever, et al.
NOAA/NGS Analysis Strategy Summary W. Cass, R. Dulaney, et al
NRCan IGS Analysis Centre Report, 1998 P. Tétreault, C. Huot, et al.
Associate Analysis Centers  
Rapid Service and Prediction  
U.S. Naval Observatory Center for Rapid Service and Predictions J. Ray, J.R. Rohde
GNAAC Coordinate Comparisons at JPL for GPS Weeks 813-1016 M B Heflin, D C Jefferson
Annual Report of 1998 RNAAC SIRGAS W. Seemüller and H. Drewes
AUSLIG RNAAC - 1998 Annual Report G. Luton
IERS Contributions  
IERS References - Contribution of the Central Bureau of IERS C. Boucher, D. Gambis,, et al
Data Centers  
Global Centers  
CDDIS Global Data Center Report Carey E. Noll
Networks and Station Reports  
Global, Regional, and Local Networks  
Report from the IGS Network Coordinator A. Moore
Australian Regional GPS Network - 1998 Report J. Steed, R. Twilley
The GPS Receiver Network of ESOC: Malindi, Maspalomas, Kourou, Kiruna, Perth and Villafranca J.M. Dow, J. Feltens, et al
Technical Improvements of the IGS Stations Monitored by GFZ J. Neumeyer, Th. Nischan, et al
NASA-Sponsored GPS Global Network Activities J. Zumberge, D. Stowers, et al
NRCan 1998 IGS Annual Report - Networks and Stations M. Schmidt, H. Dragert, et al
Individual Stations  
The BOR1 IGS Station M. Lehmann, L. Jaworski
Report on IGS Global Station Jozefoslaw (JOZE) J. Sledzinski
LAMA Permanent IGS Station Status Report for 1998 L. Baran, A. Krankowski A., et al
Status Report of the IGS Station GLSV Ya.Yatskiv and O.Khoda
Working Groups, Pilot Projects, and Committees  
IGS/BIPM Time Transfer Pilot Project J. Ray
Densification of ITRF Reference Frame Working Group R. Ferland
1998 IGS Activities in the Area of the Ionosphere J. Feltens