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IGS Workshop 2004 proceedings



Proceedings of the 2004 IGS Workshop may be viewed and downloaded via the links below. A brief summary of each component's content is provided, for convenience.


Front Matter

  • Table of Contents
  • List of Participants
  • Recommendations and Positions


Opening Session

  • Welcome and Official Opening of the Workshop
    J. Dow
  • Welcome from the University of Berne
    U. Würgler
  • Welcome from the IAG
    G. Beutler 


Session 1: IGS Reference Frame Maintenance

  • Session Summary
  • IGS Reference Frame Maintenance
    R. Ferland, G. Gendt, T. Schöne


Session 2: Other Reference Frame Issues

  • Session Description
  • IGS Reference Frames: Status and Future Improvements
    J. Ray, D. Dong, Z. Altamimi


Session 3: Real Time Aspects

  • Session Description
  • Session Summary
  • Real-Time Data Flow and Product Generation for GNSS
    R. Muellerschoen, M. Caissy


Session 4: Network Issues

  • Session Description
  • Session Summary
  • Network Issues
    A. Moore, C. Bruyninx, R. Twilley
  • IGS Network Issues 2002-2004, Update Since Ottawa Workshop
    M. Schmidt, A. Moore


Session 5: Data Transfer and Data Centers

  • Session Description
  • Session Summary
  • Enhancing the IGS Data and Products Infrastructure -- A Data Center Perspective
    M. Scharber, C. Noll 


Session 6: Integrity Monitoring of IGS Products

  • Session Description
  • Session Summary
  • Integrity Monitoring of IGS Products
    J. F. Zumberge, H.-P. Plag


IGS 10th Anniversary Symposium

  • The Accomplishments of the IGS and their Implications on the Future of Geodesy
    G. Beutler
  • The IGS Strategic Plan and Future
    J. Dow
  • Industry Perspectives on IGS Collaboration, Impact and Influence -- Past, Present and Future
    G. T. Johnston
  • The IGS and the Education of the Next Generation of Users
    C. Rizos
  • Kinematics of Deformation in the Tibetan Plateau and its Margins Constrained by GPS Measurements
    P.-Z. Zhang, Z. Niu
  • Summary of the IGS Symposium and Panel Discussion -- "Visions for the Future"
    R. Neilan


Session 7: Global Navigation Satellite Systems I

  • Session Description
  • Session Summary 


Session 8: Global Navigation Satellite Systems II

  • Session Description
  • Session Summary


Session 9: Precise Orbit Determination

  • Session Description
  • Session Summary
  • Bigger, Better, Faster POD
    H. Boomkamp, R. König 


Session 10: Antenna Effects

  • Session Description
  • Session Summary
  • From Relative to Absolute Antenna Phase Center Corrections
    R. Schmid, G. Mader, T. Herring


Session 11: Ground-Based Neutral Atmosphere and Ionosphere Sounding

  • Session Description
  • Session Summary (Ionosphere Part)
  • IGS Ionosphere WG Status Report: Performance of IGS Ionosphere TEC Maps
    M. Hernández-Pajares
  • IGS Tropospheric Products and Services at a Crossroad
    Y. Bar-Sever