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Technical Report 1997



The 1997 Technical Reports may be downloaded here. 



I. Mueller, R. Neilan, K. Gowey
Pasadena, CA: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 1998.


Table of Contents

Cover and Introduction

Executive Reports

  • The Development of the IGS in 1997 -The Governing Board's Perspective
    Gerhard Beutler
  • Activities of the IGS Central Bureau in 1997
    Ruth Neilan
  • Recommendations and Action Items - IGS Governing Board Retreat
    Ivan Mueller

Analysis Center Coordinator

  • Analysis Coordinator Report
    J. Kouba and Y. Mireault

Analysis Centers

  • Code Analysis Center of the IGS
    M. Rothacher, T.A. Springer, et al.
  • The ESA/ESOC IGS Analysis Centre
    T. J. Martin Mur, J. M. Dow, et al
  • GFZ Analysis Center of the IGS - Annual Report 1997
    Gerd Gendt, Galina Dick, et al.
  • JPL IGS Analysis Center Report, 1997
    D. C. Jefferson, Y. E. Bar-Sever, et al.
  • NRCan IGS Analysis Centre Report, 1997
    P. Tétreault, C. Huot, et al.
  • Scripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center
    1997 Analysis Center Report
    Peng Fang, Matthijs van Domselaar, et al.

Associate Analysis Centers

  • GNAACs
    • The Newcastle Global Network Associate Analysis Center Annual Report
      Ra'ed Kawar, Geoffrey Blewitt, et al.
    • MIT T2 Associate Analysis Center Report
      Thomas A. Herring
    • GNAAC Coordinate Comparisons at JPL for GPS Weeks 813-964
      M B Heflin, D C Jefferson, et al
  • RNAACs
    • The EUREF RNAAC: 1997 Annual Report
      Carine Bruyninx, et al
    • Report of the Regional Network Associate Analysis Center for Far-East Asia
      K. Murakami
    • The PGC Regional Network Associate Analysis Centre: 1997 Annual Report
      H. Dragert, J. Henton, et al
    • Annual Report 1997 of the RNAAC SIRGAS
      Wolfgang Seemüller and Hermann Drewes
  • Rapid Service and Prediction
    • U.S. Naval Observatory Center for Rapid Service and Predictions
      J.R. Ray, J.R. Rohde, et al
  • IERS Contributions
    • IERS References 
      Contribution of the Central Bureau of IERS
      C. Boucher, D. Gambis,, et al

Data Centers

  • Global Centers
    • CDDIS Global Data Center Report
      Carey E. Noll
    • Scripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center 1997 Global Data Center Report
      Jeff Dean, Yehuda Bock, et al
  • Regional/Operational Centers
    • BKG Regional IGS Data Center Report
      Heinz Habrich

Networks and Stations

  • Global, Regional, and Local Networks
    • AUSLIG 1997 IGS Annual Report Networks & Stations
      M. R. Hendy
    • The GPS Receiver Network of ESOC: Malindi, Maspalomas, Kourou, Kiruna, Perth and Villafranca
      C.Garcia-Martinez, T.Martin-Mur, et al
    • GPS Global Network Operations at JPL and the UNAVCO Facility
      S. Fisher, D. Stowers, et al
  • Individual Stations
    • Status of the IGS Stations Provided by the Norwegian Mapping Authority in 1997
      Svein Rekkedal and Hans-Peter Plag
    • UPAD Status Report for 1997
      Alessandro Caporali
    • Report on IGS Global Station Jozefoslaw (JOZE)
      Janusz Sledzinski
    • The BOR1 IGS Station
      M. Lehmann, L. Jaworski
    • Peculiarity of POL2, SELE GPS Stations Operations
      Alexandr Matix, Yuri Trapeznikov

Pilot Projects/Committees

  • GLONASS IGEX-98 Campaign IGS 1997 Annual Report
    Pascal Willis
  • IGS/BIPM Time Transfer Pilot Project
    J. Ray
  • IGS Combination of Tropospheric Estimates -- The Pilot Experiment
    Gerd Gendt
  • 1997 IGS Activities in the Area of the Ionosphere
    J. Feltens
  • IGS Infrastructure Committee Report
    Yehuda Bock
  • Continuous GPS Positioning of Tide Gauges: Some Preliminary Considerations 
    Michael Bevis