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RINEX Working Group Charter and Members


IGS RINEX Working Group Charter

The IGS Receiver INdependent EXchange (RINEX) Working Group (RINEX-WG) was established in December of 2011 to update and maintain the RINEX format to meet the needs of the IGS and the GNSS Industry. Since the RINEX format is widely used by the GNSS industry it was decided that it should be jointly managed by the IGS and Radio Technical Commission for Maritime services-Special Committee 104 (RTCM-SC104). As a result the working group consists of both IGS and RTCM-SC104 industry members.  Document approval will follow the IGS/RTCM-SC104 consensus based approach and majority voting will be used if a consensus cannot be reached in a reasonable amount of time. RINEX documents will continue to be freely distributed both by the IGS and RTCM-SC104. 

RINEX 2.1X is currently the primary archival format used within the IGS and the GNSS industry. However, since RINEX 2.1X was designed in the mid 1990s, primarily to support GPS, it has proven difficult to extend RINEX 2.1X to support new GNSS constellations and signals. As a result of the shortcomings of RINEX 2.1X, RINEX 3.0x was designed to provide generic and systematic support for GNSS constellations, signals and observations. Given the needs of both the IGS and GNSS communities and the strengths of RINEX 3.0X, the IGS plans to support RINEX 3.0X.

It is understood by the IGS that the transition from RINEX 2.1X to 3.0x has to be done in partnership with the GNSS community. One of the first steps in this transition occurred in 2009 when the IGS joined the RTCM-SC104. Since joining RTCM-SC104 the IGS has contributed to the development of an open, generic, high precision and multi-GNSS binary observation format called RTCM-Multiple Signal Messages (RTCM-MSM). The RTCM-MSM format supports the creation of fully defined, phase aligned RINEX 3.0x observations files. To support the transition to RINEX 3.0X the IGS/RTCM-SC104 RINEX WG is encouraging and supporting the development of open source software tools that will convert RTCM-MSM to RINEX 2.1X and 3.0X formats and provide data quality control measures.


RINEX Working Group Goals:

  1. Continue to update RINEX version 3.0X to support operational GNSS Constellations and signals.
  2. Develop a pre-release RINEX version that supports GNSS signals that are not fully documented but are currently observed on an experimental basis.
  3. Develop a RINEX 2.1X to RINEX 3.02 transition and implementation plan. 
  4. Communicate the goals and objectives to the IGS community through IGS Mail and to industry through the RTCM-SC104 mailing list.
  5. Encourage and support the development of open source software tools to :
    • Translate RTCM-MSM into RINEX 2.11 and 3.02 format
    • Measure GNSS  data quality and quantity
    • Manage and manipulate RINEX file
  6. Attend RTCM-SC104 and IGS GB meetings

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