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Strategic Implementation Plan 2010


Strategy 1: Deliver world- standard quality GNSS data and products to all users globally with leading-edge expertise and resources. 

Goal 1.1: Serve as the premier source of the highest-quality GNSS related standards (conventions), data and products, openly available to all user communities. 

Actions Required:

CB to provide templates for reporting, so that all IGS entities can prepare timely and standardised reports for GB meetings and annual reports [CB, all elements] 
Set and implement targets for the second IGS Reprocessing activity [ACC, ACs, GB] 
Plan and start implementation of next generation combination software (ACC, ACs, GB) 
Base IGS products on updated reference frame IGS08 (close to ITRF2008) and antenna models igs08.atx (ACC, ACs, GB)
Define process for provision of annual inputs and other support (Directing Board meetings) to IERS [EC, RF WG, ACC, ACs] 
Consolidate the structure and activities of the IGS Real Time Pilot Project, define targets for 2010 (RT-PP) [RT WG, GB] 
Participate in RTCM standardisation activities, coordinating relevant IGS inputs and reporting back to GB [CB, IC] 
Set and implement 2010 targets for the Infrastructure Committee [IC, GB] 
Define and implement a process for obtaining and reporting on user feedback [CB, GB] 
Investigate possible new products and pilot projects in response to user needs [GB, WG Chairs; WS sessions] 
2010 Workshop, 28 June – 2 July, Newcastle (Local and Scientific Committees; draft program; topics for and preparation of position papers; lessons from previous WS) [GB, CB, ACC, WG Chairs] 


Goal 1.2: Attract leading- edge expertise to pursue challenging, innovative projects in a collegial, collaborative and creative culture. 

Actions Required:

Pursue and engage new players, in different geographic, scientific, and application areas by including them in meetings and workshops, and through focused presentations [GB, CB] 
Develop on website a portfolio of examples of innovative new products and services based on IGS, similar to or [CB] 
Appoint ‘Ambassadors for IGS’ within universities and research institutions (including UNAVCO) [GB] 
Identify government or academic organizations that can play a greater role in IGS, e.g. as analysis centers for new products [CB, GB] 


Strategy 2: Develop, integrate, and participate with new and changing GNSS systems and understand user needs to continuously improve IGS services and to provide value to a broad range of users. 

Goal 2.1: Incorporate and integrate new systems, technologies, applications and changing user needs into IGS products and services. 

Actions Required:

Status of GNSS developments and implications for IGS network, receivers, products & services ... “white paper” or PPR presentation to be updated on an annual basis [GNSS WG] 
Maintain register of IGS stations and develop annual metrics for number, geographic distribution, type of receiver, etc, and liaise with GGOS Bureau for Networks and Communications [IC, CB] 
Continue to publicise outcomes of RT-PP [GB, CB, RT WG] 
Actively encourage expansion of GLONASS tracking network and analysis [IC, ACs, ACC] 
Plan for expansion of IGS network to track new signals and perform analyses, including GPS L2C & L5, GIOVE, QZSS, etc. [CB, IC] 
Specifically, plan for IGS involvement in Asia-Oceania Multi-GNSS and Galileo IOV Demonstration Campaigns [IC, ACs, CB, GB] 
Use 2010 Workshop, 28 June – 2 July, Newcastle (UK), to facilitate launch of new initiatives [GB, all elements] 


Goal 2.2: Facilitate the integration of IGS into the Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS) and other more broadly based Earth observing and global navigation systems and services. 

Actions Required:

Maintain engagement with GGOS, in particular with respect to Steering Committee and Bureau for Networks and Communications [GB] 
Promote IGS products as GGOS products [CB, all elements] 
Continue to emphasise IGS contribution to ITRF definition & maintenance [GB, CB, RF WG] 
Continue IGS support to International Committee on GNSS (ICG), including new Reference Frame and Timing Task Forces [GB, RF WG, CB] 
Support participating agencies with transition to a multi-GNSS tracking network, through appropriate Infrastructure Committee activities [GB, IC] 
Infrastructure Committee activities [GB, IC] 
AFREF goals for 2010 ... [GB, CB] 
Continue to engage with professional organisations such as FIG, ISPRS, ION [GB, CB] 


Strategy 3. Continuously improve the effectiveness of IGS management and governance to support future growth. 

Goal 3.1: Maintain an international federation with committed contributions from its members, and with effective leadership, management and governance. 

Actions Required:

Implement new IGS website [CB] 
Consolidate process to implement the Strategic Plan and monitor progress [GB] 
The CB to develop an annual Operating Plan [CB] 
Review and update (as necessary) the IGS Terms of Reference (ToR), covering all elements [GB] 
Balance GB meetings between strategic directions & technical issues [GB] 
Ensure diversity of the GB with respect to geographical distribution & expertise [GB] 
Review Associate Member list and clarify in the ToR the process for its maintenance [GB] 


Goal 3.2: Promote the value and benefits of IGS to society, the broader scientific community, and in particular to policy makers and funding entities. 

Actions Required:

Establish a webpage on the IGS website similar to the site where direct links to IGS (& affiliated organisation) conference/workshop presentations would facilitate “one-stop” downloads, highlighting opportunities for engagement with policy makers, etc, for outreach [CB] 
Seek funding for the “IGS Foundation” ... perhaps set an annual target? [GB, CB] 
Engage with newly formed GGOS Intergovernmental Committee (GIC) to ensure that funding for ongoing IGS operations is placed on a sustainable footing [GB, CB]