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IGS Formats

RINEX v. 3.04 The RINEX 3.04 release supports all publicly available signals from the US: GPS, Russia: GLONASS, Europe: Galileo, China: BeiDou, Japan: Quasi Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) and the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) constellations. RINEX 3.04 contains updates to support planned GLONASS CDMA signals, new BeiDou III and QZSS II signals. In addition to the new signals, the RINEX 3.04 text has been edited to improve the description of messages, fields and overall readability.
RINEX v. 3.03 August 2015 release notes:
RINEX v. 3.02 Enhanced 3.01 to include: a new header message to specify the GLONASS code-phase bias; the existing GLONASS frequency to slot header message has been specified as mandatory and a new RINEX file naming convention
RINEX v. 3.01 GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou (Compass), QZSS and SBAS, however, structure of the data record has changed significantly with the addition to detailed characterization of actual signal generation

RINEX v. 2.11-A



RINEX v. 2.11

*Rinex 2.11 format definition addendum authorizing and encouraging the use of gzip compression as approved by the IGS-RTCM RINEX Working Group and the IGS Infrastructure Committee

GPS, GLONASS and Galileo observations, meteorological data, and navigation files. Additionally, the C2, L2C/L5 and Galileo codes have also been introduced

RINEX v. 2.10 GPS and GLONASS observations, meteorological data, and navigation files
SINEX station position and velocity solutions
Hatanaka compact RINEX GPS and GLONASS observations
sp3 version c GPS and GLONASS orbit solutions
sp3 version a

GPS and GLONASS orbit solutions

(Discontinued January 2006)


Earth rotation parameter files

(Self-documented within)

clock RINEX 3.04 station and satellite clock solutions
clock RINEX 3.02 station and satellite clock solutions
clock RINEX 3.00 station and satellite clock solutions
Bias-SINEX V1.00 GNSS code and phase biases for satellites and stations
IONEX V1.00 ionospheric TEC grid products
Tropo SINEX Zenith path delay products
site log History of site installation
ANTEX Antenna calibrations