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MGEX (Multi GNSS Experiment) Real-Time Streaming FAQ


What stream content is accepted?

It is expected that you to provide a stream that contains more than just GPS and GLONASS. M-GEX has a particular interest in Galileo, SBAS, QZSS and COMPASS observations. Whatever comes in addition to GPS and GLONASS is appreciated.


Which stream upload format is accepted?

Streams in HP-MSM format are preferred. HP-MSM stands for 'High Precision Multiple Signals Messages'. The format is currently under development in RTCM. If your firmware does not yet support HP-MSM, we would do our best to handle incoming vendor specific raw proprietary stream formats like LB2, RT27, SBF, ATOM etc.


How would I have to upload my stream?

Only streams made available via Ntrip transport protocol are accepted. Contact [] to receive account details for uploading a stream to Ntrip broadcaster Note that all modern geodetic dual frequency receivers nowadays support Ntrip through their firmware.


How can I retrieve streams in HP-MSM format?

Please register for an M-GEX Ntrip user account at Note that streams in vendor specific proprietary formats are not meant for further dissemination.


What about RINEX v3 files converted from streams?

We convert highrate RINEX version 3 files from all available HP-MSM streams. These files are compiled in 15 min batches with 1 sec sampling rate and saved in our GNSS Data Center at<project>/<highrate_v3>.