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RINEX 3.03 Update 1 Documentation


First Update to RINEX 3.03

As of 23 February 2017, the RINEX Working Group has agreed to release an updated version of RINEX 3.03. The details of this update may be found in the RINEX 3.03 Update 1 Document.


Release Notes

Typographical corrections :
  1. Table 5 corrected frequency offset to read 7/16
  2. Table 29 and 30 removed errant # from end of GLONASS COD/PHS/BIS message to agree with Appendix 2 definition

Additions and clarifications:

  1. Minor grammatical, punctuation and editorial changes
  2. Table 22 updated Leap Second information
  3. Appendix A1 added meteorological file name example 
  4. Appendix A3 observation definition text improved
  5. Appendix A10 GLONASS health indicator clarified
  6. Appendix A12 changed PRN/EPOCH/SV CLK to SV/EPOCK/SV CLK to be consistent with other navigation messages
  7. Appendix A16 clarified SBAS and QZSS SAIF navigation messages health bit mask
  8. Corrected broken PRN assignment http link on page 19 
  9. Section 8.3.3 and 8.3.4 Transmission Time of message (PRN/EPOCH/SV CLK) changed to SV/EPOCK/SV CLK, also section text improved