Mailman Transition - IGSCB to


Please note of the following changes.

The mailman application is scheduled to be transitioned to the domain where eventually the igscb domain will no longer be able to receive messages.  Please start using the domain email addresses as of now to assure smooth transition.

Login and follow this article to get the latest updates.

Previous New
AFREF at afref at
IGEX at igex at
IGLOS at iglos at
IGS-ACS at acs at
IGS-AWG at awg at
IGS-BCWG at bcwg at
IGS-DCWG at dcwg at
IGS-FGB at fgb at
IGS-GB at gb at
IGS-IC at ic at
IGS-IGMA at igma at
IGS-MGEX at mgex at
IGS-RFWG at rfwg at
IGS-RTWG at rtwg at
IGS-SO at so at
IGS-TIGA at tiga at
IGS-TWG at twg at
IGSCB at cb at
IGSLEO at leo at
IGSMail at igsmail at
IGSREPORT at report at
IGSSTATION at igsstation at


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