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IGS White Paper on Satellite and Operations Information for Generation of Precise GNSS Orbit and Clock Products (2017)



O. Montenbruck on behalf of the IGS Multi-GNSS Working Group



The International GNSS Service (IGS) provides precise orbit and clock solutions for GNSS satellites that support a wide range of science and engineering applications with numerous benefits for society at large. All IGS data and products are made freely available to the scientific community and the general public. To best fulfill its mission, the IGS depends on information from the GNSS providers concerning the characteristics of individual types of satellites as well as their operations. This white paper describes the parameters needed to ensure the highest possible performance of IGS products for all constellations and motivates the need for provision of satellite and operations information by the GNSS providers. All information requested by the IGS is considered to be sufficiently abstract such as to neither interfere with the GNSS providers' safety and security interests nor with intellectual property rights.



The latest white paper is available for download.