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2017 IGS WORKSHOP - Paris, France

2016 IGS Workshop - Sydney, Australia

2015 GGOS Geodetic Metadata Workshop

2014 IGS Workshop - Pasadena, California, USA

2013 IAG Scientific Assembly - Potsdam, Germany

2012 IGS Workshop - Olsztyn, Poland

2012 Workshop on GNSS Biases - Bern, Switzerland

2010 IGS Workshop - Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

2008 IGS Workshop - Miami Beach, Florida, USA

2006 IGS Workshop - Darmstadt, Germany

2004 IGS Workshop - Bern, Switzerland

2002 IGS Workshop – Ottawa, Canada

2000 Africa Trip

2000 IGS User Forum at the ION GPS

2000 IGS Workshops

1999 IGS - GFZ - JPL Workshop on Low Earth Orbiters Missions

1999 IGS Workshop – La Jolla, California, USA

1998 IGEX Workshop - Nashville, Tennessee, USA

1998 IGS Workshop

1997 IGS Workshop

1996 IGS Workshop 1996

1995 IGS Workshop

1994 IGS Workshop

1993 IGS Workshop

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